Comment: What do I do?

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What do I do?

ok, I need some positive feedback. I have a real chance to go to Tampa. I really have NO desire to go there if I can't vote for RP. I'm all for the Liberty movement, truly, but am just a working guy with 3 young kids who is not rich and my wife's bday ending in a zero is during the Nat Conv. She's "ok" with me going and has been supportive of me for the past year as I've put a lot into this campaign like many of you have. I'm really torn on what to do.
The campaign is saying something completely different than Ben and many on the DP.
I know there are no guarantees. I understand the importance of going IF I can vote for RP. I get all that. But, I don't know if everyone is being optimistic or realistic.
I am really torn on what to do. I'm laying it all out there and need your positive feedback so I can figure this out.
Please don't read anything more into this than that. Disregard the spelling errors, I'm not a troll, there's no hidden agenda, I'm not an idiot for asking (maybe for other reasons). I just am having a hell of a time trying to figure out what to do. I can't flippin sleep at night and it's all I think about.