Comment: Thanks for the update & the typo

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Thanks for the update & the typo

Thanks for the update concering Michigan. If it wasn't for the DP I would have no idea what was going on in Michigan. Heaven forbide the a local newspaper cover politics and inform as to what is going on. Although to be fair I don't buy the newspapers that much anymore so they may have covered it, but I seriously doubt it. But I don't think any of the tv stations cover that sort of thing either.

About the typo. I didn't even realize there was a typo and couldn't find it even after going back and looking for it. Which reminds me about a guy by the name of Edwin Newman (I think he was on CBS) who wrote a book about English grammer errors made by other people that write. He got so many letters back about all the grammatical errors HE made in the book that he had to write a second book.
Trying to write figure out how to write grammtically correct is even difficult for people that are supposed to know all of those rules.
So I think as long as you're generally clear and the words are by and large spelled correctly most people are pretty forgiving. (I think what I just wrote is considered a run-on sentence, but I'm not sure).
And frankly what you wrote seemed pretty darn good to me.

Nuff said.

Two shorten the road.