Comment: Lindley's Rules of Order

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Lindley's Rules of Order

I. Authority and Precdence

Rule 11(b) of the Rules of the Vermont State Republican Committee authorizes the promulgation of the following procedures to ensure the timely and orderly conduct of the Vermont State Presidential Delegate Nominating Convention. These procedures are effective immediately, not subject to amendment, and not subject to any vote or other action by the Convention.

The following procedures supersede Robert's rules of Order, where the two conflict.

II. Agenda and Orders of the Day

The Agenda as distributed to delegates on May 19, 2012 is hereby incorporated into these procedures and shall govern the Convention. The Agenda may not be amended except by a 2/3 vote. A motion to amend the agenda is not debatable and not amendable, and shall be immediately put to a vote on passage or rejection.

Any motion to extend the time for adjournment beyond 2:00 pm on May 19, 2012 shall be ruled out of order.

With the exception of elections, if the time allotted in the Agenda runs out for a particular piece of business, the business shall be immediately subject to a vote on passage or rejection.

A call or motion or request for Orders of the Days is out of order if it would terminate the election of National Presidential Delegates or the election of the National Committeeman.Committeewoman.

III. Call to Order and Adjournment

The Convention will be deemed to be called to order immediately prior to the report of the Credentials Committee.

The Convention will be deemed adjourned sine die upon the earliest one of the following three occurrences: (1) the return and announcement of the results of the elections occuring at the Convention; (2) the time denoted in the Agenda for the end of the Convention (unless extended); or (3) a majority vote of state convention delegates.

IV Credentials


Guests may attend the Convention at the discretion of the Chairman of the Party and the Chairman of the Convention. The Chairman of the Party and the Chairman of the Convention, if they agree, may designate an area on or off the Convention floor for guests to remain.

Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, each campaign is entitled to have four representatives/observers on the Convention floor. These representatives/observers are entitled to have access to all locations on the floor of the convention. Any motion to remove or restrict these four representatives is out of order.

V. Debate, Amendments, and Voting

Debate (if allowed under Robert's Rules of Order) on any motion/amendment shall be limited to two speakers for the motion/amendment and two speakers against the motion/amendment. All speakers shall be limited to 30 second speeches.