Comment: 60 Minutes of Disinformation

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60 Minutes of Disinformation

Apparently their marketing department decided to not use the whole title of the show.

Morley Safer's questions are unbelievably moronic -- as in I suspect he's intentionally trying to deceive his viewers who lack sufficient attention span to notice. He literally went directly from one question where he is talking about how Thiel has spent $2.5 million towards this cause, to his next question saying Thiel should put his money where is mouth is. And having said advancing the cause of liberty is "flushing money down the drain", Safer in another segment takes great exception with Thiel pointing out that many people are wasting money on very expensive college degrees in the current education bubble (and they give airtime to some nobody douchebag to call Thiel crazy for thinking anyone can succeed without such -- IIRC at one point the douche even claimed we had the best education available). And in another segment Safer uses the word "utopian" to dismiss Thiel's vision of a free society.

Morley Safer and his comrades have been bashing individual liberty and individual responsibility for a long time: