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Committeeman first

I don't know if Arkansas is any more complicated than other states since this was my first year involved-but it sure seemed overly difficult to become a delegate, even to the district conventions.

In order to be a special delegate to the June 9th district conventions across Arkansas, a person had to have signed up to be committeeman/woman by, I believe, March 1st. There was a $40 fee associated with becoming committeeman.

IF you made the deadline to be a committeeman, then you could sign up as special delegate for the district conventions on June 9th.

In my county (Benton) we filled all 51 slots to be delegates, apparently. A lot of the people that had signed up, were not present at the GOP meeting where we selected the 51. We barely filled the spots though.

I can only speak for Benton County, but if you didn't sign up to be a committeeman, you can not advance to special delegate for the county conventions on June 9th.

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