Comment: Chairman Lindley's Rules of Order Continued

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Chairman Lindley's Rules of Order Continued

Points of Information, Clarification, Privilege, and Order (or any other "Points" discussed in Robert's Rules of Order) may not be made from the floor. Such points may be raised privately with the parliamentarian, who may in his discretion bring it to the attention of the Chairman of the Convention.

Except for the election of national delegates and national committeeman and committeewoman, or a provided in the immediately succeeding paragraph, all votes will be taken by voice vote or standing vote. It shall be in the discretion of the Chairman of the Convention whether he needs to count the number of persons standing during such standing vote to discern the winning position. On matters requiring a majority vote, this determination may not be appealed. On matters requiring a 2/3 vote, this determination is subject to appeal.

Any motion or request for a roll call vote (including a call for division) requires 2/3 support for passage. Except as provided above, calls for division will be out of order.


Two observers from each campaign will be allowed in the counting room to observe the tally of votes cast at the elections.

VII. Appointment of a Permanent Chair

The Chairman of the State Party shall appoint a permanent Chair of the Convention.