Comment: Common Tactics shared by all the Dictators

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Common Tactics shared by all the Dictators

This tactic is called the Parthian Arrow, or the Partian shot.

You stab once more as you retreat, and you attempt to close the door behind you.

This Topic on this Forum is very valuable and worthy of reasoned discussion, including cases where one forum member attacks another forum member personally, by resorting to such political dirty tricks as you have so far demonstrated.

The topic remains to be worthy of discussion.

In context of POWER, which is the fruit of economic and political labor, the Topic involves the POWER of legal money flowing from a former member of PayPal, a person named Peter Theil, and there are questions concerning how did this person get his power, and does that power constitute a black mark, or discredit, or loss of political power, accounted to Ron Paul, by that connection.

My point was to point out that Peter Thiel may be perfectly capable of using the power he has to produce more power, an abundant amount of power, even without any help by any criminals with false badges, as the link offered suggests, the person of Peter Theil is one of the few people who invent, produce, and maintain competitive forms of money.

What does Ron Paul say about inventing, producing, and maintaining competitive forms of money?

Lew Rockwell published words by Ron Paul today, on that very subject and I can quote those words:

"The only viable solution is to get government out of the money business permanently. The way to bring this about is through currency competition: allow parallel currencies to circulate without receiving any special recognition or favor from the government. Fiat paper monetary standards throughout history have always collapsed due to their inflationary nature, and our current fiat paper standard will be no different."

Derailing, discrediting, or otherwise distorting my contributions on this forum, by resorting to deceit, name calling, abusive language targeting me, is exemplified in your products, the products that you have invented, you have published, and you are now maintaining.

Please stop abusing this forum in your crusade to attack me personally. I do not appreciate it, and it is against the rules.