Comment: I had no agenda

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I had no agenda

I never saw an agenda for the Friday night caucus. I asked around if anyone had a copy of some kind of agenda, and no one had one. I should have asked someone "in charge" for an agenda before I was labeled as RP supporter.
There was a "parliamentarian" who was about as useful as a potted plant. One of our supporters addressed him directly regarding the violations and he did nothing.
We made many (many, many) points of order regarding the violations. The only answers we got were "You are out of order," "Sit down," "If you speak out again you will leave." There was no explanation given for the rulings.
I had brushed up on Robert's Rules beforehand, but apparently not the parts that would have been most helpful. For example, I learned (afterward) that a ruling by the chair can be appealed and seconded by any member, and then the chair must defend the ruling (or I guess explain it in the first place), and then the members may vote to uphold or overturn the ruling. I would have made at least one appeal had I known that. Anyway, this was my first convention, and I am forearmed for next time.
Others did record the whole proceeding, so I imagine all the evidence needed for a complaint is there.