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I am glad to see these plans coming together. My two greatest concerns are 1. that all this energy will dissipate when Dr. Paul is no longer at the head of it; and 2. That we will be co opted by the establishment. I already question the sincerity of several key figures as it is. We're going to have to do this on our own, I think to be successful. We can't look for a leader. We have to lead ourselves.

One thing we've got to make certain happen is that we lay the groundwork for the education of liberty before we venture fully into the attempt tackle Washington. That is, before we start endorsing candidates who want to use Dr. Paul's name. One of the things that appealed to me about Dr. Paul once I found him was his unwillingness to compromise. I had taught myself civics by reading James Madison, and I had found someone who followed the principles that would make Madison proud. We must not compromise our own principles because there will be ( already are ) people trying to appeal to us using Dr. Paul's name and we must be very careful to guard against being co opted as the Tea Party was co opted. Let the fate of the Tea Party be a lesson on the way not to do things and keep our guard up.

"The characteristic feature of a free society is that
it can function in spite of the fact that its members
disagree in many judgments of value."

~ Ludwig von Mises ( 1881 ~ 1973 )