Comment: I was SHOCKED that I got "redistricted" INTO CD21

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I was SHOCKED that I got "redistricted" INTO CD21

And THRILLED when I realized I'd get to vote FOR Richard Mack and AGAINST Lamar Smith! I'm in one of the few places where the folks drawing the lines got bumped on the elbow and WHOOPS! There I went into District 21 - whereas most folks in this city are in 25! (I AM a little suspicious of Yagermeister, however...and 'maybe' a few little sips by the district line 'artists' at this point in time...?)

I've met Sheriff Mack and heard him speak, and he means business! And he is a Constitutionalist!

Double Check if you're in Texas...and see if you're in Congressional District 21 - and if you are!


Susie 4 Liberty