Comment: Ask them, in their opinion,

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Ask them, in their opinion,

Ask them, in their opinion, why does Goldman Sachs fund both Romney and Obama? In their opinion, why do two former Goldman Sachs people sit on the board of Scytl - the vote tabulation company?
Ask them if they think Goldman Sachs could be manipulating the vote tabulation results, and if that could explain the wide spread vote fraud?
Ask them if maybe, just maybe, Bain's and Goldman Sach's ownership and investments in the media and those two candidates might explain why there has been a black out of Ron Paul's campaign?

Ask them if this sounds like a takeover of our government through the subversion of our votes and lack of access to honest news?

And then, ask them if taking our country back was as simple as voting for and backing Ron Paul, would they do it - if for no other reason than that they care about you?

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home