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Yeah, I've had a love hate relationship with Fox as well. I used to watch b/c I liked (and still do like) Neil Cavuto. I ALWAYS hated Hannity, even b4 his treatment of RP. I was really happy when FBC came around and started watching that regularly. Stossel is great! I was happy when Beck got his show too. Beck is not really my guy, but he did have a good show and I was happy that my parents were watching it...I was holding out some hope for him too with all of "I think I'm a libertarian" talk. Then they got rid of Beck for the 5 (barf!) and FBC CX Napolitano (who was/is my absolute favorite!). Now idk. I mostly don't watch TV anymore, but I do miss it sometimes. I still watch FBC sometimes (Cavuto, Willis, and Dobbs are manageble but that's only b/c they mostly focus on economics and the market.) I have to give props to CNBC too...I may start watching them again but mostly the Web is the best. I would really like to see more Web shows. Where do I find RT? or does anyone have suggestions?

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