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District by District

Hi, Pax -

I've attempted something like this:

I agree with you on the coast vs. inland divide - the latter seems like a writeoff
this time around. But to me it seems like the heavily Blue districts are some of the
best prospects. And John Slevin (in a comment on the above thread) makes a
good case for targeting relatively poor areas (within Blue Districts) rather than
- or anyway on a higher priority than affluent ones.

At the risk of being repetitive, there are big differences between districts in
the absolute numbers of votes it takes to get a given percentage of the the
vote. In many "Blue" districts, one percent of the primary vote will equal less
than two hundred votes. In heavily Republican CD's, that same one percent
might equal seven hundred votes or more and a lot more effort will be required
to obtain the same result compared to a heavily Blue district.

Based on that and on which districts had good percentages for Dr. Paul
last time around, I'm thinking that CD's 8,9,28,31,33 and 34 look like
especially good prospects...

Another 13 that look good are CD 1,6,13,14,15,17,20,32,37,38,43,47 and 53...