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Comment: My wife STILL has no vaild DL

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My wife STILL has no vaild DL

She had a vaild DL that expired because she didn't get the reminder in the mail because we had to short sell our house after we both lost our jobs and changed address's after 15 years. Even though my wife had a valid Fl DL for over 16 years they required her to provide a new birth certificate and a new marrige licesne. She had the ORIGINAL birth certificate...the one with the little footprints on the back and the seal from Ga where she was born...but that was no good. They wanted a certificate of live birth. So we sent off $35 to Ga for the correct flavor of her birth certificate. Next we were told our marriage license was also the wrong flavor. To get the flavor the DMV wanted we had to pay $35 to the State of SC where we were married. Well, the State of SC gladly took our money but sent us a letter saying we could not obtain the marriage certificate without a vaild DL. Accomplishing this is litterally impossible. She can't get a valid DL without the new marriage certificate and she can't get the new marriage certificate without a vaild DL. So, all the government agencies got their money, but my wife still cannot get her DL. I told her to just surrender the damn thing. She no longer "drives". She "travels". :)