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Some think of it as selling out more American Industry

As we continue selling out American industries to internationals, it's not isolationism for Americans to feel like they are being robbed of a cultural jewel.

It's much harder for indiginous cultures, those that have pride from being thousands of years old, rather than just being some couple hundred year old experiment of a poor constitution with idiotic bill of rights that never worked for those above it's laws anyways. The world has grown so small, eh? Onward to a NWO!

I'm certainly not suggesting we go to war with China over the sale of American Movie Theatres, nor am I suggesting a boycott of a business that is very important in rural areas. I am suggesting that at this rate, we won't have anything to trade that's American.

Oh I guess we can still trade the products made in Correctional Corporation or Wackenhut as we devlope a police state and prison planet. Those products will be American, and maybe we can continue to make drones and WMD and trade those?

Did China ever change it's name from The People's Republic of Communist China? I don't think so. Once they own all our industry, what we will have to trade? Of we have nothing to trade, don't we become isolationsists/ like Cuba/ by default?