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There was a comment after

There was a comment after this story and usually I don't get all worked up but "Bob" really pi$$ed me off.

Bob says: “Ron Paul calls himself a Republican, but he’s against war like a liberal. Don’t you idiot Ron Paul Republicans understand that we need war to build our economy?”………..Wow Bob, what kind of immoral tree did you drop from? I guess it would be ok for you to go out and murder a few million Americans in order for the economy to grow if someone told you that. What you’re saying is the “Keynesian” view of economics. The U.S. had a depression in 1920/21 and Pres. Calvin Coolidge kept his hands OFF in order for a “correction” to occur. It was severe and lasted about a year. Then came 1929′s crash. Presidents Hoover and FDR both believed in “central economic planning” (Keynesianism) and their meddling with the economy made it severe and last 10 years. Hence, the “Great” depression. Had they allowed businesses to fail and assets bought up by those with capital, new businesses would’ve sprouted from the ashes and with that…new jobs. The free market allows the people to decide what is worthy of buying (not the federal govt). And no, WWII did not end the Great Depression, rather the end of it did. You call others idiots when you don’t understand yourself. We’ve been in a perpetual multi-nation WAR for 10 years and you don’t think that hasn’t contributed to the economic problems we’re in? If war helped the economy, we should be doing darn well right now.