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Thank You, Newt!

Finally, a politician who stepped forward to expose the corruption of the GOP. Newt is right!
Let the Ron Paul delegation stand in Tampa!

By Newt saying "legitimate", he's indicating that what the GOP has been doing is illegitimate. He's correct. The GOP has been thwarting the whole process from before day one.

The People are for Ron Paul.

Just heard a political commentary on NPR today. A guest (who is an Obama supporter) said, "President Obama just did a rally here in North Carolina, and 10,000 people showed up. Romney just had one here a week ago, and 150 people showed up."


How can media and the GOP keep ignoring Ron Paul. The man draws the largest crowds of supporters. And those crowds, contrary to media bias, DO translate into votes. Don't think so? Just look at what's happening at the state conventions all over the country. Ron Paul is winning them ALL! The only states he hasn't won, are states where BLATANT fraud is taking place.

This is coming from a precinct committeeman. I see it first hand.

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.