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LibertyBell, ironically we have never been happier

but, we only have one child and she is in college. My wife and I used to run non-stop on the hamster wheel trying to keep up with all our bills for all our "toys". I can't say it wasn't a shocker there for the first 6 months as we slipped from upper middle class down into virtual poverty but now we love where we are at. Not financially of course but it's nice not having to mow the lawn, keep the pool clean, etc. I would never have learned all I have had I not lost my job. I had to learn fla civil procedure to fight off debt collectors (successfully I might add) and boy have I learned a lot about money and banking and the orgins of government.

Good luck to you. If you can minimize (which I know would be tough with 5 kids) do it. It's amazing how the stress will just melt off your back.