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He said so himself.

I've done plenty of studying.

I've paid plenty of attention. Since you apparently missed Ron saying he didn't care for the debates, then perhaps you should heed your own advice.

Please specify what "this" refers to when you say "a clue what 'this' is about."

If you are speaking of the topic at hand - obviously, I do have a clue. It's about Romney not debating Paul. I explained very clearly why it is pointless to. You may not like the reality that answer entails, but it is reality none the less.

Paul is not contesting the primaries any further. The debates are for primary voters. Core supporters who are going to conventions and caucuses already ARE the choir. No need to debate for them. Thus, there is no need for Romney to debate Paul. Romney only stands to lose.

Now, would I LIKE to see another debate with just the two of them. Yes of course.

But that isn't what this topic is about. Get a clue yourself.