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Comment: He doesn't say much on foreign policy...I did find this:

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He doesn't say much on foreign policy...I did find this:

from National Review:

"On foreign policy, Cruz is less than sanguine about nation building: “I don’t think we should be engaged in long-term nation building. I think there are too many nations on earth to build up, and it’s not our military’s job.” When asked about Afghanistan and Iraq, Cruz is cautious. After a few munches on his sandwich, he says, “What I don’t think is acceptable is for us just to stay there in perpetuity and try to rebuild each nation into a perfect utopia. That’s not our job and not our role. I think we have an important role stopping and killing terrorists.”

So he isn't explicitly a non-interventionist...but he's a very astute constitutionalist. The Medellin case he won in the Supreme Court sold me on his stance on our sovereignty. He may push for more military..but he's a fiscal hawk enough to get it under control, or to fight for it with Rand and DeMint.!/Agonzo1