Comment: got 'she doth protests too much,' much?

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got 'she doth protests too much,' much?

"look at the facts, use common sense, and no denial to come to conclusions and analysis."

by your own 'logic' you've cemented your own reputation here as a troll, by the simple nature of your rather lengthy trail of posts.

it's beyond me why mods still keep you Devil Fartlord, ShazAd and Minarchist who sounds a bit too much like bobbyw24 lately, and a few others around.

seriously, what purpose does it serve to continuously incessantly knock campaign staff every chance you get, without fail?

none of us here are blind, nor not have legitimate qualms about the way our wealth has been spent by the campaign along with some of the decisions made/not made.

but, we also base it all in the fact that we trust the Doc for a reason: because he's earned it from us, by respecting us.

and for purely strategic reasons, we 'get' that we won't be privy to everything and anything the campaign decides.

Dr. Paul must have picked them for a reason, and continues to keep them for a reason. everything we do on behalf of the campaign, is 'long distant.' the millions of voters who did vote for him do so on the same basis: a sense of trust built upon actual record of principled consistency and honor.

And say for the sake of argument, even if you are indeed proven 'correct' and we all turn out to be a ginormous group of gullible naves, so be it. I for one have made my bed.

the question I keep asking you that you never answer is, just what is your purpose here when almost none of your questions in this regard have been constructive criticisms, but one of division, for divisive sakes?

That is the visibly observable reality that you yourself have built and established here.

And say you're 'successful' at getting people to doubt the campaign, doubt the Doc, doubt each other. just what do you think you'll be doing with that, anyway?

so far, your naysaying has not garnered any 'support' for your non-existent tribe of supporters. so one fails to see logic in keep pounding away, resulting in the same failed response.

When a lady says NO, she really MEANS NO.

Time to apply reality, here too.

But, if you are gonna stay, contribute constructively, or take your merry band of Gary Johnsonites or Flip-Obamneyites and kindly begone, and leave us be.

but for the love of god, ENOUGH.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul