Comment: I believe Doug is just 'throwing us some meat',

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I believe Doug is just 'throwing us some meat',

to give us some general inside info, so we can prepare and alter our plan of attack appropriately. I believe the campaign wants to leave it to us to decide what actions to take, so the establishment can't use Dr Paul as the instigator of possible chaos if anything gets out of hand. Dr Paul has stated all along it's our campaign, and believes it's up to 'the people' to take the appropriate actions in a civilized manner. We have to realize how politics has manipulated us all over the years, which has allowed the establishment to dictate how the agenda operates. The Republic was designed to operate for the people by the people, not by fascist bureaucrat crooks who desire to create their ideological dictators. Dr Paul gave us to theory, it's up to us to determine how to beat the establishment using his theory. Doug is just a man to keep us energized, under control, and give us a few tips here and there.

In other words, it's up to us to fight the rEVOLution and determine how to defeat the establisment Fascist Totalitarians in a non-violent intellectual manner. Dr Paul wants us to learn how to fight on our own, and not be the mindless followers the establishment has been able to set as the norm. We must learn how to fight to reestablish the Contitutional Republic and it we succeed, we must be prepared to fight to keep it!!!