Comment: This interview was ineffective..

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This interview was ineffective..

Anne Jeanette asked rhetorical questions that did not address the real issue!

Q: Why did the GOP establishment hacks lose the the conventions all over the country?
A: After not uniting a new wave of supporters and doing the worst tricks in the book by marginalizing, defaming, ignoring and not counting the votes. This was amplified in 2008 when many conventions simply didn't count the results of the members of the party. The response has been to setup a Non-Profit Organization called a "Shadow Party", Please google "shadow government", "shadow Banking".

There is little Support for Mitt Romney & if there was they would have crushed it without resorting to fake slates, flash delegates and tons of Money would be raised.

Q: What about those Ron Paul People?
A: They can't raise money
Comment: with all due respect Mr List It seems that in places were there is accurate counting of votes and the rules are followed and the voice of the People (Delagates) are heard it seems that those "Ron Paul" play by the rules constitutional abiding folks seems to be garnering a majority. Why don't you raise money for the Party that you preside over The NV State GOP?

Q: What is wrong with the constitution Mr List?
A: Lets get an answer from Mr. List..

Q: What about the Romney Campaign and now late it is getting in the campaign cycle?
A: Those Ron Paul people are getting in the way of us and helping Obama get re-elected

Q:Why don't they graciously accept their defeat and get behind the party and support the party as they
always have done without question?

A: It no longer serves themselves, so they started a a "Shadow Party".

Get it?

In Liberty
Let's show them what those RP People are capable of achieving!