Comment: This seems fairly simple: Do

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This seems fairly simple: Do

This seems fairly simple: Do you plan to vote for Romney? If not, then don't sign it.

Frankly, signing it and then voting for Paul would likely be more of a reason to challenge your delegate status than not signing it. As far as we know, an affidavit is not a requirement to become a delegate. However, committing blatant and obvious perjury (when you sign it and then vote for Ron Paul) might be enough to call into question your competency as a delegate and provide grounds for removal.

Let's not bother with games like "having someone else sign it" or "sign it but not vote for Romney." Likewise, trying to find a "technical" definition of perjury or whatever seems to be a waste. Let's just take this document at face value and, as such, it should not be signed.