Comment: funny how they show their poor cards

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funny how they show their poor cards

Apparently they fear big time there that the delegates will vote whom they really want to vote for or that they will at least abstain.
The "Affadavit" (there is nothing about such an "affadavit" in the "Massachusetts Republican Party Plan for the Selection of Delegates" nor an "Avocation" committee "charged with certifying Massachusetts delegates") looks to me being a legal nonsense - how can one "certify" (maybe certify him/herself deranged?) something taking place in the future, moreover in the case of a Ron Paul supporter clearly against his/her conscience and notabene as a suggested result of a non-binding primary? Isn't an "affadavit" even if it would be an affidavit in the legal sense, made against conscience and will and under substantial threats null anyway?
And isn't the letter by "Ed McGrath" stating i.e.: "Your failure to duly and timely remit the enclosed affidavit will put your status as a delegate in jeopardy." a startling example of mailing threat?