Comment: Seems no limit to what JP & the Boyz can lose.

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Seems no limit to what JP & the Boyz can lose.

Big Bank Theory: $250 Trillion Tender. JPM BoA GS MS. Bang! Submitted by Mark Twain 09/25/2011

JP alone has wagered over $78 trillion in derivative gambling. The Boyz in the US have wagered $250 trillion. They are hopelessly lost in a sea of debt.

Whether JP admits they lost $2 billion or now $3 billion... or soon $25 billion... pales in comparison to what they wager in worthless so called derivative bets. Further, $78 trillion pales in comparison to their privilege to create "legal tender" out-of-then-air when some unsuspecting victim sighs a loan document.

JP: A Fed founding member. Losing mind over matter.

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