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Found this to be interesting:

Excerpt: "Those patriots, who finally understand where the IRS, Inc. is coming from; that is, the Uniform Commercial Code contract law, go too far when they insist that the possession of a "Socialist Security number" or having an interstate Federal Reserve Bank account, credit card, a state driver's license, or even a postal zip code, binds the Common Law citizen, by way of contract, so that payment of tribute to the IRS, Inc. is suddenly a contractual obligation. Have you heard that idea taught by other patriots? Think about it for a minute! The government cannot remove all the gold and silver from circulation, and then insist that the use of paper money and checks are suddenly contractual obligations wherein a tribute must be paid for their use."


Then going back to what Dean Clifford is teaching about the "office" they've created in your behalf (the name), I ran across this article which explains the "person" is an office:

I listened to a few more of Dean's talkshoes with Angela Stark, and he reiterates: There has been an office created (the name) by way of the Birth Certificate/SS Card/DL, etc. and the address of that gov't office is your place of residence. But if they want you to do anything other than sit there and watch TV, they are going to be presented with my fee schedule to perform a function of any kind (ie: file tax returns, show up for an audit, etc.), and that for instance fee schedule of $50,000.00 per/min needs to be paid up front, since the gov't can't seem to pay their bills on time; as soon as the fee is paid, he'll be more than happy to perform any function of that office they wish.

He even states you don't really have to have a fee schedule in place; neither of you have ever worked out the terms of employment, so when they contact you, just send them a fee schedule; or bring it to court and demand payment up front.

Just throwing more food for thought out there.