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Letter from MA GOP

Just a quick follow up,

As I mentioned before I voted in the GOP caucus for District 8. Paul supporters were within 3 votes of getting a delegate spot and I was one of 9 provisional voters.

I went to Government Center to verify when I registered to vote. The registrar confirmed they received my registration on 2/1/12 which is well before the 2/15/12 deadline needed to be a registered Republican. In short I should not have received a provisional ballot. There may also be up to 8 other individuals who encountered the same issue.

I came home to find a letter from the MA Republican Party... This is a direct excerpt:

"Thank you for your interest in the 2012 Massachusetts Republican Party (MRP) Republican National Convention delegate caucus process. Further, your letter expressing concerns with regard to the caucus process was well received and taken under serious advisement. However, in accordance with state law, MRP bylaws, the delegate selection plan, and national rules, the MRP will not be taking any further action concerning your protest"

Notice that there was no mention of any specifics regarding my case or even a hint of acknowledging that the provisional ballot was issued incorrectly, especially in regards to a certified document (notarized by the registrar) provided by the Boston Election department that proves I registered well within the 2/15 deadline.

I've contacted Doug Bennett regarding this but have not heard back yet. Last time we spoke he mentioned that there were as many as 4 people (including myself) that received provisional ballots when they should not have. This would mean that at least one delegate seat should have gone to the Liberty Slate, and a second seat was within a vote or two away from going to the Liberty Slate.

Just a quick FYI to anyone who was following this thread, though it seems that activity has gone dead now. I plan on contacting the MA GOP office to find out exactly why they are not pursuing this (although, I think we all know the real reason why).

What message is the Republican Party sending to independent voters?