Comment: In my opinion, the SPLIT was NOT over the Friedman - Mises

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In my opinion, the SPLIT was NOT over the Friedman - Mises

issue at all. Milton Friedman was not the issue, as far as I recall. It was NOT their "worship" of Friedman or the Feds.

I was in the party at the time. To me, the SPLIT was over Political Correctness which was sweeping the Nation in the 1980's. The liberal left was riding that wave.

The Reason/CATO crowds joined the PC crowds and distanced themselves from the Ron Paul Newsletter/Lew Rockwell/Mises Crowds. They saw themselves as the "legitimate" libertarians, and because we were openly NOT PC, we were "paleolibertarians". That is, we said in effect, Liberty means the freedom to be a bigot, as long as that bigot does not interfere with anyone's individual rights. It meant holding fast to the objection to one part of the '64 civil rights act that violates private property rights -- hence, PC anti-smoking rules and regs have entered through that door.

For the Reason/Cato libertarian, you had to be PC. You did not have the liberty to a sexist, a bigot, a racist, "suffer from" homophobia - in PC style, you had to LIKE EVERYONE EQUALLY, preferences where not allowed and stereotypes are to be whitewashed as if they have no basis in fact. (hey, Mexicans don't drink tequila more than anyone else! Men ask for directions as often as women do, the black people I know absolutely hate fried chicken, and the sight of two men kissing doesn't creep me out in the least) You could not say openly, "Gay creep me out and I don't want to be around them, but I support their rights to their own life, liberty and property." If you did say something like that, "called a spade a spade", then you were in the "paleolibertarian" crowd. If Rodney King had the ass whooping coming, then don't call yourself Don Rickles and Lisa Lampanelli could NOT "be" a libertarian to the "reason-cato" people no matter how much they consistently respected other people's individual rights to be free. But they were welcome with wide open arms by Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell.

I could be all wet on this, but having grown in my 20's during this time and watched it all unfold, this was the split, I think.

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