Comment: A country is only 'nationalist' if people are not free to leave

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A country is only 'nationalist' if people are not free to leave

As you define it. However that's not the case with many countries now. One is free to leave if they want, and renounce their citizenship too. Therefore, if sdczen did not 'choose' to be a US citizen, he is certainly free to leave and renounce his citizenship and not participate.

However, if one chooses to participate in a country then one is a citizen of that country. One should choose the best country with the best values and law to become a citizen of and work towards making such country better and defending such - this is competition or the free market of countries.

The globalist agenda depends upon undermining the sovereignty of all countries, and one way this is done is through multiple citizenship (a contradictory state of supporting or participating in conflicting values and law) - ultimately the globalists would like to see us as citizens of all countries or citizens of the world, where there is no real support or loyalty to any one country, values, or law. Of course this would be good if we were global citizens of liberty, but such an ideal is only a utopia.

Many may not realize it, but in supporting multiple citizenship, what they are doing is actually undermining state sovereignty. In the case of the US, they are undermining support for American values, the American Constitution, and ultimately the American defense of liberty.

You can also see this happening on a smaller scale within the US itself. The federal government has undermined the sovereignty of the individual states, and we are less citizens of our states and more citizens of the entire country. All states are conforming. The desire of individual states has become mostly irrelevant and we largely live under the single rule of a national government. This undermines our liberties and local rule. In the reverse, it would be even better if we were solely citizens of a single US state at a time, rather than even considering ourselves citizens of the US.

The globalist's plans for undermining the sovereignty of countries and establishing global government are similar to the undermining of the US states, only on a larger scale.