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Fascinating, is it not?

This is the paradoxical nature that seems to exist within the core of things. This is part of our dilemma, part of being human and with this we do our best. The only thing I claim to fully know, is that I do not fully know. If you think you have a full knowledge of any one thing, even the most simple, I would love to hear about it. But don't worry. The universe will continue to function whether or not we humans possess a full knowledge of any one thing. Our journey continues and we have infinite room to learn and grow among the Mystery. Perhaps we do possess many "truths," but surely there are unlimited more "truths" capable of further shaping our pictures of the realities we think to already know. The point I'm making is that the limited "truths" we think to possess are not the limits of possibility, unless, you convince yourself that they are because you "know;" a condition that tends to block further assimilation of new information. At one point, the majority "knew" that the earth was flat. Additional information capable of reshaping their reality was rejected as it did not resonate with what they so surely "knew."

I hope you catch my drift.