Comment: More From Joe Clark and his removal from a GOP Meeting...

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More From Joe Clark and his removal from a GOP Meeting...

This is the first meeting I have ever attended. I went to support my wife who has been a precinct committeeman for the past 4 years. She usually doesn't want me to go because she knows ill say something I shouldn't. They have treated her poorly in the past because they know she's a Paul supporter and will stand up for what's right and make sure they follow the party rules. I promised her I'd keep my mouth shut. She had hoped to be elected as a delegate and I was going to try to be an alternate and make the trip to twin falls with her.

Here is how it went down, I was allowed to walk in the front door past 2 city cops and one sheriffs officer . I took a seat. I saw people who I knew and walked over to shake hands and say hello. I returned to my seat and was approached and asked to leave. My wife showed him a copy of the Idaho statute title 34-507 and republican party rules stating meeting to select delegates to state convention shall be an open meeting. It wasn't like they aside to tell me this, it was in front of everyone.

I felt belittled and embarrassed in front of my piers, when I was trying to support my wife and the GOP. I have been actively campaigning with my wife for four years to get people to get out and vote. I got a lot of people to attend the caucus. I will randomly call people out of the phone book and make sure they know to go vote. I campaigned hard in the 2010 primary and 2012.

How can you have a meeting to elect delegates but not allow them to attend the meeting? It was said at the meeting after I left that someone could be nominated as a delegate who was not in attendance, but they would have two days to become a dues paying member.

The guy who asked me to leave said he had an email ruling from a judge that they could have a closed meeting, or as they put it open to dues paying members only.