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How about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid? What in the world is he doing claiming to be Mormon? Romney is bad in many areas, but it's like Harry Reid's political philosophy goes entirely against his religion.

Is he just claiming to be Mormon in order to capture that part of the vote in Nevada? Is helping others through government force and theft really helping others? In fact, isn't that Satan's plan to force people to be good and remove their free will?

Reid (who was raised agnostic) and his wife (who was born to Jewish immigrant parents and grew up in Henderson), converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon or LDS Church) while he was a college student.[1] In a 2001 interview he said, "I think it is much easier to be a good member of the Church and a Democrat than a good member of the Church and a Republican." He went on to say that the Democrats' emphasis on helping others, as opposed to what he considers Republican dogma to the contrary, is the reason he's a Democrat.[60] He delivered a speech at Brigham Young University to about 20,000 students on October 9, 2007, in which he expressed his opinion that Democratic values mirror Mormon values.[61][62] Several Republican Mormons in Utah have contested his faith because of his politics, such as his statements that the church's backing of California's Proposition 8 wasted resources.