Comment: yes, it is a farce--

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yes, it is a farce--

which is what Rand is saying--

but he needs to put in a disclaimer for those of *us* who are out here sweating--

I believe he is sweating, too, but his humor and his 'smart mouth' have gotten the best of him and of *US*--

What, after all, does Romney (has Romney done) do to failing businesses?

He destroys them to his own advantage. Rand knows that--

but he's too 'smart' for his own good, and it has raised the ire of many of those who support liberty--

Satire is not the forte of the MSM or of American culture, so many of *us* don't understand it when we hear it--

but that is what Rand is good at--


it was very common in England among politicians and philosophers; the best way to 'get' your enemy was to appear to agree with them and use satire--

it's not as common in America, but Rand was raised by very smart parents--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--