Comment: I think you mean well

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I think you mean well

You are talking about MY state district, which stretches from Marin to Del Norte, along the coast where a total of THREE delegates will be selected (actually have been, but there are alternatives as there has to be because life happens while we make other plans)

To be a delegate here, you must be seated on a Republican Central Committee. In Jack's case, he needs to be seated on the Sonoma County Republican Central Committee, which has an outstanding Meetup group with many participants, who would also like to be delegates.

To be a delegate, there must be an open seat, and you are appointed, or if there is not an open seat, as in my case, I had to collect Republican signatures for ballot access. Since no one ran against me, I was seated, BUT that seat won't open until January.

I could be appointed to a seat of a member of my COUNTY district (not to be confused with State District), but the neocons occupying the seats would have to appoint me.

So... Jack has to be registered a CA GOP for a year (unless he was Decline to State, and then it's Three months), must have an open seat to be appointed, or he's not going to be appointed because the election is ON, and his time to register to be elected into a seat is past.

Now, how are you planning on helping him become a delegate?

I'm realy curious because I know Ron Paul Republicans from Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma and Marin who would all like to be one of three delegates from this district.

Thank you.