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"You will have to forgive me, this is the way my mind works…to see the worse or opposite: Are people going to fabricate crimes for the sensation of getting them loaded to the Legal Crime Neighborhood Watch?"

Your words express a confusion or misunderstanding concerning that which is fact and that which is illustrated by illustration.

An illustration intends to focus attention upon something. The thing may exist, or the thing may not exit.

People do, in fact, fabricate crimes, finance crimes, to create a sensational event, to then use that sensational event for profits in various ways, not limited to increasing ratings on television.

Who needs proof of this fact?

If that does happen now, will that happen a few minutes from now?

"You will have to forgive me, this is the way my mind works…to see the worse or opposite: Are people going to fabricate crimes for the sensation of getting them loaded to the Legal Crime Neighborhood Watch?"

What exactly is there to forgive? I see nothing to be forgiven, by anyone, let alone me. What is there for me to forgive?

The illustration of a possible future tool being available, for free, for those reasons illustrated, is my offering of an illustration for your consideration. You can do with that as you please, how does that choice you make constitute an inspiration for forgiveness on my part?

We are reaching the limits of the capacity to communicate accurately?

No fault, no blame, there are limits, there are boundaries, such things exist even if we fail to see them.

"I think you should start that webpage immediately! You could be the next internet millionaire!"

I have vowed a promise to myself at the moment I witnessed the flame throwing tanks driving into the church in Waco, driving over those children and other things in that church, as it erupted into flames from the flame throwers on those tanks, as the "reporter" claimed that they were killing themselves, my vow, at that time, was to be very careful in accounting with FRAUD money that other people may want me to handle, in any way.

I do not want any FRAUD money. It is despicable stuff, soaked in blood, soaked in oil, and it screams at me, it is detestable, it is abhorrent, it is a far cry, as far as possible, from the true version of it.

Making millions would cause me to be the source of focus for those Legal Criminals running the IRS, what a nightmare that would be, pure hell on earth, for me. I don't see the point in it: martyrdom, emphasis on the dom?

Don't get me wrong here, if there are true martyrs, there are, I won't go down the path of pretending to be one, a counterfeit version. The last thing I want is for people to send me zeros so that I can then have power over people with seared consciences, or to have my name rise up the list of valuable sources of Federal Income Tax to be collected by those who are very good at collecting.

I bought a lottery ticket awhile ago, thinking, remembering my vow, forgetting it, remembering it again, and then realizing "what was I thinking", and my mind goes through the process of imagining the consequences.

I'm having a bad day today. Perhaps you can feel my sorrow too.

Life is playing Good Cop Bad Cop on me today.

Bad Cop arrives in the form of follow up stories concerning Fukushima. OK, so that is bad news, life on Earth is ending as we speak, here is the data, these people have already died, there will be this many birth defects, the level of poison is this much, compared to, say, the last time this happened (that we know about) in Russia, a now infamous incident going by the name of Chernobyl, many, many, many well documented cases of living hell, death, destruction, in the air we breath, on the ground, no place to run, no place to hide, powerless victims made victims by the millions. We are next, everyone North of the equator, here is your message, it is an invitation you can't refuse, too late, so sorry, poor boy, have a nice day.

Bad day.

Enter stage right Good Cop

Today, live, the first "private" effort to move mankind from a single planet species to a multi-planet species passes a very big, serious, hurdle, as Elon Musk, a shinning example of capitalism that no capitalist I know will own up to, founding partner of Pay Pal, first man since Henry Ford to revolutionize the American Auto Industry (making the first American production electric cars, installer of Solar Panels (talk about ending the addition to oil and all that goes with that addiction), founder of Space X, a glorious victory for all mankind, docking a space cargo module up to the International Space Station, Live, broadcast Live, on alternative media of course, high fives, wonder, amazement, and jubilation.


We may be a little bit behind in colonizing the Moon (Russia and China are targeting the moon) or Mars, before Earth runs out of useful soil and oxygen.

Well, there is Hope! I may not have my ticket to all those underground military bases bought on my dime, in my name, as I paid Federal Income Taxes, but someone will survive, so there is Hope.

I thought all those End Timers were loons.

Who may have the last laugh on me?

"He says they have added money in the past, and that is not actually the case. Maybe he means that we didn’t see and exact 50% inflation. I don’t know."

The point is that the tool can be used benevolently. The Power to Purchase could have been used to pay off the Chinese. Here, here is every dollar we owe you, thank you very much, the last Dictators were very benevolent for you, but we are not so generous, thank you very much, here is one check for the entire sum we owe, all legal, every dollar as legal as the next, one lump sum, plus early payment penalties, all yours, we now owe you nothing.

Well that is too complicated, that makes no sense, leave those BIG issues up to the authorities, they know better, we don't?

Hide, as you may want to hide, from the truth for as long as you can?

Write one check, pay off the Chinese.

Can you get that far?

Why won't the Chinese like being paid in full for everything that we owe them?

It makes no sense, because "we" are not The Federal Reserve, and those laborers in China are not The Chinese.

Try playing along anyway, please.

We write a check for the entire amount of dollars we owe the Chinese, and everyone else, everyone on the planet earth, no one on Mars, no one on the Moon, just everyone on the planet Earth.

We write a check, pay off all the debt, it is done.

How much?

I'll write the check.

What happens?

Bad things?

Compared to what?

How much money are we talking about now?

No, no, no, again, that is too BIG, leave that up to the authorities, they know better, we don't?

Count me out of the we that don't, I've done some of the math, enough to know better.

We don't even have to get our hands soiled in this dirty business, at all.

All we have to do, on the individual level, then on the family level, then on the city level, progressively less important as we go DOWN, not UP, then on the county level, then on the state level, then on, if we really want to go any lower, then on the Federal Level, and then what?

Invent our own money, produce it, and then start using it.

What happens to the Dollar issue?

You don't know?

How about a simple illustration?

You give me control of the Federal Reserve System, which is legalized counterfeiting in fact, I write a check, and I pay everyone off, every last claim of debt is paid off before lunch today.

What happens?

People are scurrying around trying to deal with that Economic Collapse? Sure, sure, but only because there isn't anything better anywhere anyone can see.

Can that Economic Collapse be a slower restructuring so as to avoid sudden chaos?

You start using your own form of money in your own family.

Your neighbors do something similar, and your whole town can then see how that works for you and yours, and they too are infected with this virus of honest money, in any form you can imagine, and then produce it, and then use it.

You say it can't happen?

Your husband says it can't happen?

Anyone may say such things out of ignorance, or belief, or knowledge?

Check this out:


Power Struggle Exemplified

Six neighbouring villages copied the system successfully. The French Prime Minister, Edouard Dalladier, made a special visit to see the 'miracle of Wörgl'. In January 1933, the project was replicated in the nearby town of Kirchbühl, and in June 1933, Mayor Unterguggenberger addressed a meeting with representatives from 170 different towns and villages. Two hundred Austrian townships were interested in adopting the idea.

At this point, the Austrian Central Bank panicked, and decided to assert its monopoly rights by banning complimentary currencies. The people successfully sued the Bank, but later lost in the Austrian Supreme Court. It then became a criminal offence to issue 'emergency currency'.

As with everything including the nose on my face: how do you know it is true?

"I think he believes the truth about that now though. It is funny, we live in the “Show Me State” I think that is his motto!"

Federal Income Tax is well documented, where does that money go, exactly, and who is asking, and why are they asking, and is it important to know the accurate answer to the question just in case the power is being abused in some way?

The Federal Reserve (false label, false front, it is not Federal, as understood on the surface, and as understood well down deep into the web of deceit) is much more of a power transfer than the Federal Income Tax if for no other reason than the fact that the injury is even harder to prove. Harder, but certainly not impossible, in both cases there is a paper, or digital, or "money" trail. If the money trail is ambiguous then it is illegal, proving the point.

"Jeff has a Bach Degree in History…He knows the company line well."

Many explanations concerning this obvious contradiction are possible. Jeff has a perspective. Many other people document, independently, at least as independent as Jeff, an opposite perspective. That is a contradiction.

All perspective are true, the contradiction is false.
One perspective is not true compared to the other perspectives which are true.
All perspectives are false.

The Devil is in the details?

One other source:

The Crimes and Punishment of I.G. Farben

"Jeff doesn’t accept the link between the Bush Family and WWII."

I do not claim, and no one I know claims, that every single perspective is true, rather the claim is that here is evidence, here is evidence, here is evidence, and there is a pattern, and the pattern repeats, and repeats, and repeats, and the pattern may repeat the same way, and how is that not reasonable?

Picking out a family, Bush, and rejecting claims of involvement by one family member with business interests in Germany before or during World War II, because the person rejecting the claim has a history degree, from my view, misses the point.

What exactly is rejected? There is a person, who does investigative research, or fabricates an elaborate hoax, or a mixture of the two extremes, and in the text of the research there are claims, and this claim concerning Bush is rejected on these grounds.

That would be more to the point.

Absent that specific information the rejection of the claim is too ambiguous to carry any meaning, in context.

Power is being stolen and used to steal more, proof is abundant.

Here are words I often quote from that book linked above, and that book linked above concerns another specific area of connections between Powerful people in U.S.A. as power was used to empower Nazi Germany.

Do you know anything about synthetic oil made from coal?

Here is the quote:

The construction of I.G. Auschwitz has assured I.G. a unique place in business history. By adopting the theory and practice of Nazi morality, it was able to depart from the conventional economics of slavery in which slaves are traditionally treated as capital equipment to be maintained and serviced for optimum use and depreciated over a normal life span. Instead, I.G. reduced slave labor to a consumable raw material, a human ore from which the mineral of life was systematically extracted. When no usable energy remained, the living dross was shipped to the gassing chambers and cremation furnaces of the extermination center at Birkenau, where the S.S. recycled it into the German war economy – gold teeth for the Reichsbank, hair for mattresses, and fat for soap. Even the moans of the doomed became a work incentive, exhorting the remaining inmates to greater effort.”

“Conditions were such that sickness was a pervasive fact of life among the inhabitants of Monowitz. The hospital wards built by I.G. were so inadequate that even the S.S. suggested additional wards be built. I.G. refused because of the cost.

That book documents an exchange between Standard Oil of New Jersey, actual people not a Legal Fiction, and I.G. Farben of Germany so as to allow Germany (The Nazi regime) to built up a very powerful military force fueled by Synthetic Oil produced from coal, coal which Germany had in abundance, and I can offer more evidence proving the fact that Germany could not have ever persecuted an aggressive war without that oil power, made from coal. Their Air Force was fueled on synthetic oil, this is a well documented, well established fact.

Why is America buying oil from Saudi Arabia if we can make synthetic oil out of coal?

People have claimed that synthetic oil required slave labor in order to reduce the cost down to an economically viable product.

That is nonsense, if that "logic" were to hold true then how can buying sneakers at Wall Mart be explained while Chinese Laborers are paid well below reasonable wages and yet someone, somewhere obviously figured out that it is economically viable?

Am I twisting the facts? My twisting of facts can be compared to enforced slave labor still happening right in our own neighborhoods, and people refuse to even acknowledge the fact, let alone refuse to pay high prices in support of it?

I'm not talking about the price on the sneakers, I'm talking about the very high cost of using Dollars, and the very high cost of paying Income Tax to Legal Criminals running the Dictatorship, which is not a Republic, it is a Nation State as it was designed to be within the very document that so many people claim to be a Constitution. It is a false front. The Bill of Rights were an ineffective effort to nullify the usurpation.

Does the quote from the I.G. Farben book sound at all familiar?

In our time we have in place of the SS and I.G. Farben the likes of Blackwater, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, and other Legal Fictions.

Blackwater is a privatized secret service, our SS, and it may actually be the case, as it was in that quote, where their hearts in our SS are more kind, compassionate, and caring, compared to the business arm of our example of fascism.

Sure we torture and mass murder for money but really, we have our limits?

Bush Sr. was head of the CIA, as a matter of record, in case you did not know.

Nice guys finish last?

If it would be worth anything to anyone I can site other sources specifically reporting on Prescott Bush, there is a ready supply for some reason, a hoax, a bunch of conspiracy theorists having nothing better to do with too much time? A hot topic, sensationalism, book sales, profits, profits, profits? Those who take the time to document the crimes do the job thoroughly, leave very little room for doubt, data that could be a reference book in any court case, and the reaction is to conclude that it is not true based upon subjective opinion, or information that has nothing to do with the actual specific crimes under investigation?

I don't know. Jeff does?

Prescott Bush was not associated with the build up of Nazi Germany, and the build of of Bolshevik Russia effectively causing World War II, which led to the shift of power form the English Pound to The Federal Reserve as a new age of Imperialism began by some accidental or random series of unavoidable events, having nothing to do with Prescott Bush, or any supposed "conspiracy theory"?

So, OK, case closed, it is past history, lets move forward.

2008, the end of a BOOM that just so happened to be BOOMing at the same time that FED policy was to increase the money in circulation, liar loans, stated income loans. 2008 the crash that just so happened to arrive when FED policy turned from increases in the money supply to dramatic decreases in the money supply. It just so happened that Roaring 20s BOOMed coincidentally while the money supply was doubled, and then The Great Depression coincidentally occurred when FED policy turned to pulling half the money out of circulation. Following the turn from Boom to Bust, Roaring 20s to Great Depression, there is well documented capital flight into Germany and Russia, and then there is World War II, by coincidence.

It just so happens, again by coincidence, that following the BOOM occurring coincidentally during FED rapid increase in money circulation, and following the BUST occurring coincidentally during the FED rapid decrease in money circulation, there just so happens to be well documented capital flight moving to places that constitute well documented antagonists gearing up for World War.

Since moving forward may be better than arguing over the past, might it be a good idea to consider the possibility that these are not coincidences, that it may be an organized cycle of events employed in the work of transferring power from those who earn it to those who steal it with this non-coincidental, cyclic, process?

"Cite records: If it is not too much trouble and if you think the sites are academically reputable (i.e. footnoted to source documents, etc.)"

One (of many) sources:

DEATH by Government

The list of references in my copy of that book fill pages 405 through page 477.

The worst regime, well off the chart, far exceeding any other competitor, as a percentage of the population murdered by lethal legal order, is the infamous Killing Fields in Cambodia under "our" well paid "Strong Man" Pol Pot.

The person of Noam Chomsky, who you have just recently heard about, has much to say about how well Pol Pot was financed by U.S. power, and Noam Chomsky is not the only whistle blower blowing that tune, for fame and fortune, because it is, of course, just another conspiracy theory.

"Sometimes I want him to see and hear what I have seen and heard so he can help me understand. …that is wife stuff."

Since it was a bad day, today, I unloaded some on my wife at lunch, and she cried some, then put her wall back up, and we moved onto other business. The "hey, by the way, the human species is on the brink, at least north of the equator, see you in Brazil if you can make it" message was a bit much.

This is one source (there are many):

Fuk u shima

My wife says: what is the point?

I counter: What is the point of you watching the shows you watch?

We move on to other business.

I knew someone who welded spent fuel containers shut here in California, and it is a very serious operation requiring powerful pumps used to lower pressure and thereby evacuate all traces of moisture out of the containers before shutting them and welding them shut because the slightest bit of moisture will result in excessive pressures turning the container into a bomb, and that is the safe way to store very lethal radiative waste.

The story ant Fuk u shima involves a "design" of storing very large amounts of lethal radioactive waste in pools above the reactors on the top floor of the reactor building. Like the old saying: borrowing from Paul to pay Peter, or perhaps the concept is merely procrastination. Someone, someday, will have to actually deal with the problem, while we make money.

The first days of the "accident" or "force of nature" or "unfortunate series of events" included pictures taken of the tops of those buildings. Those pictures show no top on one of those buildings. Where did all the radioactive waste go?

Just now, a year later, how many people are concerned enough to actually find out the truth, and then how many of those people have actually reported the truth, and of all the people who may be adversely affective (victims) how many can handle the news even if they willfully allowed themselves to ever consider that news - at all?

iniquity - Absence of moral or spiritual values or an unjust act, it is a combination of in-, "not," and aequus, "equal, just," from Latin.

In response to someone who can't handle or does not want to know about a possible danger, someone asking: how do you know it is true? I hear, as a common answer: I hope that it is not true, none-the-less, here are the reports.

"Agenda 21?"

I concentrate on End The FED, by inventing, producing, and maintaining competitive (honest or accurate) money.

Every time I start thinking about who does what and where the concept of "follow the money" returns into focus. That money trial leads to the source of it. The source of that money is currently The Federal Reserve, but not for much longer, since The Federal Reserve, like everything else in America is being raided, as in corporate raiding, or as in Pump and Dump, where everything not nailed down is flying, as in capital flight, to China, and other places, just not here, owners are going, titles are going, value is going, and what is left will be an empty bag, losers of World War III, surviving veterans who by then will know they have been had, and what else, on this path, as we depend on that one money for everything?

Change the money supply now, and what happens?

Agenda 21 funds are non-existent at that point.


Because the Legal Criminals are then scrambling to stab each other in the back since the HOST left the building, and all the tics have only other tics to feed on.

"Did you not share your opinion because you were not asked? Perhaps there are others ready to unite?"

That is a question that may not be easy to answer without resorting to a possible measure of spirituality or intuition. Thinking about it, I don't think anyone would understand my language, as if a foreigner got up and began speaking Greek. I thought about what I would say, given the opportunity, and I even felt compelled to stand up, move to the microphone and speak. I have done so, public speaking, despite a deathly fear of public speaking since as far back as I can remember, a debate during the congress run, a radio show then too, but this time I sat, and I just listened.

I had it rehearsed in my mind at the event, pointing at the representative of the water company, as other people there did, but I would point out the fact that that representative was telling lies so as to deceive his victims. We are his victims. Then I would point at the man sitting higher than anyone else, up on this pedestal holding a wooden hammer, and I would say that that one was the one who hired the other guy to poison our water. Then I would say that the employer was now going to reward the employee for poisoning the water which was ours in the first place, so why are we paying so much for our water, and why are we allowing that guy to make us pay for a reward that he is going to give to the guy who he hired to poison us by poisoning our water and then selling our now poisoned water to us?

I don't know about you guys, but their lies are almost as disgusting as the water here.

What I would say is true, factually accurate, but unfortunately I speak a different language. I speak the truth. I don't use the false terms that have become so common in our time.

Legal Criminal 1 and Legal Criminal 2 were holding a behavioral modification session and inviting as many victims as would care to be brainwashed. To almost everyone else, my assumption, the event was a Public Hearing Concerning the Contracted pay rate awarded to the Utility Company Serving the Greater Barstow Area or some such false front.

Everyone else there knew their water was poison, and they knew that the people they pay in exchange for water were crooks, and they knew that the guy behind the gavel was a lying politician, everyone knows all that, under the surface.

Business as usual, all told in lies, in a language that has be counterfeited, and language is a form of currency. I'm saving my power for the root cause, the money issue, the employers of the employees who employ the crooks and liars, on and on.

I have to start by looking in the mirror.

I speak my language, and I'm working to improve the accuracy of that language, so at least, the very least, I can know better.

"Are these the same sites as referenced above that you offered to provide?"

Pick any claim of any wrongdoing, and crime, but consider picking the worst of the worst first, and then proceed on that money trail.

I pick the money trail.

The FED publishes some of their records, other records are kept secret, but they keep records, they must, or they could not do business. How much Gold, for example, is in Fort Knox? That is a very important fact on that money trail.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are another money trail and there may be one for Washington D.C., but that would be a compartment, part of the whole, and I think the worst of the worse would be found on the money trail that is produced by The Federal Reserve.

Fort Knox would be a good start. Each "member" bank, such as The New York FED would be a next stop. Seize all records on the spot. Someone will be burning paper, erasing hard drives, etc. for sure.

There is plenty of evidence that is published on the official web page, for public consumption, but it is all in false language, just like the gibberish my daughter was tested on so that she could pass the class on Economics. People don't know that it is a crime. People are brain washed. They can't see the criminals for what they are, they see slick talkers in suits. They are harmless?

Who is the worst of the worst? Is it a fair question?

There is an accurate answer that is known, under the surface, by almost everyone, but few have these facts in that part of their brain that is used for calculation, right side or left side I can't remember.

Who is the worst of the worst? That is simple, the worst of the worst are the ones who are pretending to be trying to catch the worst of the worst, when in fact the worst of the worst are finding the worst of the worst, sure as I'm breathing air, and the worst of the worst are hiring the worst of the worst, or torturing them, or killing them, because the worst of the worst hate competition.

That is how that works, in the world of Kill or be Killed, Might makes Right, etc.

The victims pay when told, pay how much, jump when told, and jump as high as told, when told, without question.

That is how that works.

What happened to Liberty.

Liberty is OK so long as the victims keep paying, for whatever that Liberty stuff is worth to anyone.

Actual, or universal, Liberty, not to be confused with Utopia, is when no one anywhere pays anyone for any reason other than honest, or non coercive, or non fraudulent, reasons, for anything, or, everyone is connected to everyone else voluntarily.

As soon as one person commits any crime, Liberty is gone in that case.

Are you paying someone tribute whereas you would not do so if not coerced into doing so?

Where is Liberty?

Did it go into hiding?

Is Liberty just below the surface somewhere?

"Sinners WHO CHOOSE TO PLACE THEIR FAITH IN CHRIST’S REDEMPTIVE WORK are forgiven because Jesus paid the bill on sins."

Those words may make sense to me in a way that I cannot yet recognize, perhaps I am deceiving myself. I can try diligently to understand those words.

I think that there may be a problem for me in the use of the words Place and Faith.

Is Faith something that is misplaced, and a person then has to get Faith, move it, and place Faith in the right place?

I need to know what is meant by Faith.

The closest I have yet to get to Faith is my perception of an indefinable power to know things that defies understanding as to how I know things, such as what may also be called intuition.

I can leave that subject at that point, a question asking for the definition of the word faith, so as to figure out how faith can be moved from place to place.

Are you saying:

1) Go ahead and sin…its all paid for?

That was my question, that was not my statement. My understanding of sin is such that anything done which is done willfully to cause harm to life, a person willfully, knowingly, decides to cause harm to life, is a sin, or a crime, to me there is no difference.

To me a sinner, or a criminal, is resorting to deceit, or threats of violence, or acts of violence, and that will obviously case injury to life, including injury to the sinners life, or to the criminals life, because the sinner, or the criminal, will lose appreciation for life, and that is a cost, or penalty, that the sinner, or the criminal, will make his, or her, own life less valuable.

Sinners harm life on purpose, and they may not know better concerning such things as sins, or crimes, since they are hurting themselves too. I suppose that a sinner, or criminal, has it worked out in their heads that, at least, the victims will suffer more than the sinner, or criminal.

Both lose. I don't think there is any argument, if there is, truly, a person who argues that sins are OK, harmless, to them, then I think the actual fact is that such a person merely confesses mental illness or mental mutation, as such a person would be a person having no moral conscience, not a physical one, and not a spiritual one - NONE. How is such a person any different than another species, a wild bear, worse than a wild bear of course, wild bears don't feed on other wild bears, but perhaps there are exceptions in that species too.

Rats will feed upon rats when too many rats are forced into a small area, but humans, normal humans, are not rats.

"Romans 6:"

Can you translate Romans 6 in words that can make sense to me, without me having to read too much into the words?

"Or we could say a conscience which is not seared."

I agree with that perception, as far as I know so far.