Comment: Just in case suggestions are considered..

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Just in case suggestions are considered..

Would it be possible to include some breakout sessions? Like:

-a 30 minute or so narrated video tour of Dr. Paul's career and positions (maybe part or all of the new Paul movie?);
-would love to hear Colin Powell give a speech about how foreign policy has evolved over the past 20 years, especially given his recent interview;
-could we get someone to talk about precious metals? ie, how would an alternative currency system work? what about using them as a hedge against inflation? or is deflation of precious metals a given if the entire economy tanks?
-would love to hear a speech by Judge Napolitano;
-would love to get a regulator, maybe William Black (former regulator), to talk about changes needed at the SEC, and steps needed to get there;
-maybe a breakout session teaching Roberts' Rules of Order;
-and of course, the thing I would MOST love: to hear Dr. Paul in person...

Also, Peter Schiff recently said on interview that he believes the economic correction will occur during the next four years no matter who the president is; I'd be interested in a panel discussion of what steps we might take in our own neighborhoods to establish bartering communities, security patrols, recommendations for community gardening, etc.

Also, why not have some booths available for rental where people can sell heirloom seeds, prep/bugout books, etc. (no guns or ammo, obviously)

:) Thanks for reading... I think if some of these sessions are planned, we will have HUGE attendance from media as well as many curious ex-Gingrich voters.

What do you think?