Comment: The Can Of Worms Is Set To Spill Folks

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The Can Of Worms Is Set To Spill Folks

Our chants cannot be ignored any longer or else the American people will soon be convinced the entire congress and MSM is bought and paid for... Now they couldn't let us think that now could they??? I know allot of people still don't want to believe it but if they vote this down, everyone will know it must be true since a down vote would obviously mean congress is trying to protect the World Banking Cartel, and unfortunately if this is the case - I hate to say it may only bring us closer to possible civil war considering everything else and as the people are waking up and seeing the writing on the wall.

Folks, This is nothing less than a corporatist fascism takeover of our country and we must fight with every bit of might we have to defeat them and their pathetic Agenda 21 designed to drive our country into poverty and ultimately enslave us due to the fraud while stealing from the people...

Protests everywhere are starting to fight back at the police when they start beating people with their sticks... Raucous GOP Caucuses becoming more common around the country... NATO protests, Occupy protests, Bilderberg protests planned... Student protests!!! Oathkeepers are now starting to be at the protests watching and warning police. We must keep chanting at every rally, every gathering, every caucus - Our Words Are Powerful!!!

Call all of our congressmen and congresswomen, let their staff pick up the phone, they say hello and we don't even say hello, just say "END THE FED!!!"

Another fear I think that has recently triggered a more serious consideration of this audit bill could also be due to the widespread bank runs going on in Europe that the MSM is trying not to report but whereas the word is spreading too fast and getting here quickly as well... I myself don't tend to keep much money in the bank at any given time anyway, but the scare is in - people are just fed up with the fed and have decided to just withdraw their money... LOL oh what a nice response we have so quickly...

The book "Dishonest Money" by Joseph Plummer states in the first few pages of his book "One of the greatest threats a bank faces is known as a 'bank run.' It should be known that if banks actually ran a legitimate business,'bank runs' wouldn't be a problem. But they don't run a legitimate business and so bank runs are a problem..." So here we have it folks - this is one of their biggest weaknesses... Hmmm very interesting, We The People could be on to something here... Europe is ahead in the game LOL!!!

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...