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I am also

trying to talk with a friend who is "programed/brainwashed"

My friend is the kind that has the sign in the garage that says, you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands. He is a liberty minded individual. He lives off the grid, no cable tv, no internet, no credit cards. The only source for his news is the Clear Channel talking heads.

When we talk I try not to make direct statements but instead ask him questions. When the level of my questions reach outside of the Clear Channel talking heads 20 second clips he reverts back to instead of answering the question to make the statement, Well we gotta get that guy out of the White House at any cost or the ole lesser of the two evils to which I reply is still evil.

When asked who owns Clear Channel he was clueless that Bain Capitol holds an ownership share, He is also clueless about the 3 largest campaign contributors are the same for both Obama and Romney. They own both horses in this race and you think there is a difference in who wins??

My friend knows and has agreed that Ron Paul is the best choice for us but A vote for Paul is a Vote for Obama according to him .... No a vote for Paul is a vote for RON PAUL. Dr. Paul is unelectable, 12 terms elected to Congress and he is unelectable?? try again.

2 weeks ago he was in his height of glory when he enthusastically told me Ron Paul is Out. I asked him if he read the press release word for word?? Nope, Hannity and Rush had it all over that day RP is OUT!! Tried to explain that the statement is nothing new, Dr. Paul did not spend money in Primary only states. Then I as if he knows how delegates are elected?? Again clueless as to the caucus victories for Ron Paul.

Stuck with the AP delegate numbers Romney is over 900 and Paul has less than 100. He refuses to believe that it could be a possibility that Clear Channel might have other interests than to promote anyone but Romney.

Where I have left my friend at in conversation is to tell him that I value our friendship but please lets not talk about politics anymore. The reason is because your information is limited, this in no way means that you are not intelligent or smart but your information is limited to one source. When you can advance your knowledge base to read the other side of the same story, until then we have nothing more to talk about.

He gets angry and tells me that Im just so smart, to which I reply I do not claim to be smart I just have access to the same story from many different views. I read each one of those views and try to find the truth in the middle of it all.

How does one educate past the programming??He tells me to quit drinking the Kool-Aid and I tell him lets see what happens in Tampa, then he will know they have been lying to him all along.

Even the straight truth on video has a hard time breaking that programming. It is impressive when you think about it, they have control over some down to thier core beliefs thru thier manipulation and lies.

What does it take for the light of truth to pierce that veil of illusions? Then again maybe the person is not ready to wake up.