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My friend listens to those same talking heads. If they don't say it, it aint true. Any evidence to the contrary is simply dismissed. What makes the situation even more difficult is that this particular friend of mine has a twin brother. Both of them would have to be persuaded. They are very intelligent and stubborn. I don't believe too many have really challenged them the way I try to. They've always been a bit intimidating due to their very strong, opinionated personalities. I keep trying because if they would back Paul, they would become some of his most vocal advocates. Once they put their mind to something they will speak their mind no matter what anyone says. That's a blessing and a curse since it makes them all that more difficult to convince. They both live across the country. Our only real communication is FB. About every week or so a little argument flairs up and then dissipates into FB no mans land. I can only hope that at least some of our conversations are considered beyond the moment.