Comment: The Ten Principles of a Free Society by Democrats

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The Ten Principles of a Free Society by Democrats

1. Everyone makes the same amount of money (except the ruling class elites, who are given more lavish and generous rations, because they know what is best for you)
2. Every endeavor/venture must have the same amount of races/ethnicities/sexual orientation/gender to it. No exceptions.
3. You have free speech, as long as what you say is in agreement with the ruling class.
4. Religion is banned, because it does nothing but cause conflcit. Government knows best. Government answers your problems, not religion.
5. Every citizen is guaranteed food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare, cell phones, TVs, internet, transportation, plastic surgery, etc.
6. Eat your vegetables. It's the law! Any food with a fat content over 0 can not be consumed(except by the ruling class. They do know what is best for you, after all)
7. Open borders, anyone can come and go as they please. However, new immigrants must live at least 50 miles away from the ruling class. The only thing they are good for is votes, but they can't live in my backyard.
8. No citizen can use anything that emits CO2 or greenhouse gases. Exceptions can be made for the ruling class elite, because what else can power their private jets, limos, yachts, and 20 bedroom mansions? It's a tough job knowing what's best for you and running your life, after all, which is why the ruling class is exempt here.
9. If you try to move your wealth offshore to avoid taxes, you will be executed for treason.
10. The media must be in lockstop with all rules and regulations that comply with the ruling class elite. That means no dissent. Also all TV shows and movies must have an equal representation of all races and ethnicities and lifestyles. For example, for every TV sitcom featuring a heterosexual family, there must be one featuring a homosexual family, a bisexual family, and an interracial family. And every sitcom family must have at least ONE(1) homosexual child.