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Look at it like, you are dealing with someone in the worlds biggest cult. He is in the cult of the "boob tube". In the Boob tube cult, they're gurus are those glowing ghost on the glass screen. And after all, these little guru ghost know more than you, because they are of "the choosen ones" that are worthy enough to make it into your glowing little talking box.

Because of that, it negates much of your authority, because, after all, he got his info from a glowing guru.

Thus, point number one:
His source of information.

Second, his source of info STILL brings him to believe that:
"Brown people from over there" are dangerous to Americans because of 911. This is where the dots are not connecting right because he's still buying the lies of the MSM, because he's not received any refuting evidences to tell him otherwise.

You need to get him to connect the dots a little more correctly and you will not be able to do that until his mind is open to reception. Once he is receptive he needs to see some WTC 7 videos. Then sit back and wait.

Until you get the dots connected a little better on things his mind cannot reject, then, his chances of seeing your point of view are slim to none.

Until that time, I'd rather be talking to a rock....


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