Comment: I have lots of friends like these.

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I have lots of friends like these.

You have to remember that people are a lot alike in the way their minds work, whether they are liberal or conservative. They settle on a world view and then, which ever simple approach fits it, they grab on to it for dear life and don't want to let go unless they have to, in order to keep their original view intact. They crave simplicity and someone with credibility to listen to for their window on the world. They don't want to have to re-examine things.
When a conservative finds a spokesperson (Fox News and Talk Radio) for their belief that government is about power grabbing and looting the taxpayers for personal gain, they feel comfortable and can settle in with their favorites who they trust to figure things out for them. Now life is simple again because they have someone smart whom they trust to filter the news for them. Liberals do the same thing, just with a different world view.
When you argue your points, you have to use their deepest and most firmly held beliefs and show them how their trust is being misplaced. For my friends, I think the starting point is that we know the media lies to them. If/when they point out that even Fox and HannityLevinRush say that Ron is a kook or has no chance, I would ask them if it doesn't seem odd that these guys are following the same approach and party line about Ron as CNN, MSNBC,and the big 3 networks, who we know want Obama to be president. You won't get anywhere trying to convince them that their trusted sources are lying to them. That's too earth shattering, partly because those guys do talk about the evils of big government and it's too confusing to realize that big is big whether it's big R or big D government. Just take the viewpoint that those guys are being lied to, as well. You have to get them past lapping up whatever talking point is being fed to them before they will listen to us or Ron.