Comment: I just got word from a fellow

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I just got word from a fellow

I just got word from a fellow Paul supporter in Illinois (Jack) who got through to his chairman. It seems that any chairmen who say that the deadline to become a delegate passed on May 22nd is either lying or misinformed. Here is part of Jack's message and see for yourself:

"He said he would find out Tuesday if there were any slots available.. Just from his comments though, it sounded like there were not only alternate slots available, but delegate slots as well.

He then asked me a few questions, like why I recently became active.. I said I just am so upset at the President and that Republicans need to kick him out of the White House in November. I just couldn't bring myself to start spouting positive things about Romney! lol. THEN, Mr. Durante asked, "Alright, you're not a rabble-rouser or a nutcase or anything right?" haha! I can only assume that was slang for "Ron Paul supporter." I of course answered "No" and said I'm very easy going and diminutive.

I will let you know if/when I hear anything back Tuesday."