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Blue Skinned Hindu Deities

Ever wonder why Krishna, Vishnu, and other Hindu Deities were depicted with blue skin. Well here goes...I firmly believe in the Ancient Alien theories, which have speculated about the Hindu Deities and their incredible powers, etc.

Their blue skin was always a curious question as to why, but having watched the video of the guy who developed blue skin from taking colloidal silver over the years, I think I may have something.

If indeed the Deities were human type aliens, obviously they would not want to get exposed to bacteria, viruses, etc. that they may have been more susceptible to here on earth, so they took what may have been colloidal silver, to help their resistance and maintain their health while here. Apparently, it will turn your skin blue. Far fetched idea? Not really, esp. if you accept the fact that we have been visited in the past by visitors to earth. My belief is quite simple, you tell me how ancient people where able to 10's of thousands of years ago, be able to make megalithic structures with primitive copper saws, tools, and manual labor that involved lifting & stacking blocks weighing tons. Come on, some of these mysterios places, even today with modern technology would be hard pressed to build.

Anyway, if you have never heard of Puma Punku, you can start there. Built at least 10,000 yrs. ago, it has saw cuts in incrediblely hard stone that are within 1000th of an inch tolerance.