Comment: Who's ten principles are this?

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Who's ten principles are this?

1. Rights are granted by groups and you belong to them. An individualist means terrorist. If they decide they can kill you anytime incantating magic formula 9/11 and if you wear funny dresses they should do it by RC drones and including your family, friends and neighbors.
2. Only belligerent, involuntary associations are possible as only the fittest who firmly belongs to a group regardless whether wanting it or not survives. Obey to lie, loot and kill or perish is the motto of the social and economic order.
3. No property is guaranteed and you with your belongings can be seized as an asset of the government or its prefered foreign corporation anytime.
4. Government is here mainly to redistribute the wealth from poor to rich and the bureaucratical racket is its basic modus operandi.
5. Individuals are obviously very irresponsible so the goal of the government working together with leading international organizations is to kill as much of them as possible to save the mother Gaia. The best you can do for government is go and kill yourself (after you leaved all to the IRS).
6. Government claims monopoly on everything including money, and what is impossible to monopolize is forbidden. Macroeconomic stability is not the goal of the day, quite on the contrary, the absolute order comes out of absolute chaos as the illuminated well know.
7. Aggressive wars should be prolonged indefinitely and who does not like it should at least be detained indefinitely, again by The group incantating magic formula 9/11 they created, because indefinite wars lead to unlimited profits needed to maintain this illuminated system which most of the people actively support financially, by their overinformed ignorance and otherwise.
8. Functional juries are abolished, law comprises of positive federal statutes and international treaties conflicting with the ancient paper called US Constitution (which is sporadically evoked only in case some pathetic beggars have something impossible to cover-up and too bad to say about a member of the ruling group) - and who doesn't like it should be contained and reeducated in FEMA camps, because this poor people saying bad things about rulers are national disaster.
9. Servitude is encouraged by induced ignorance and imposition of unpayable debts by inflation of money supply and its derivatives bigger than actual amount of all money in circulation globally, enlistment is one last resort to flee the small private creditors but of course not the too-big-to-fail banks which will be generously bailed out anyway to stuff the pockets of the moneymasters again a bit more before their banks eventually bankrupt.
10. Government is above law, bad apples are treated from grassy knolls and like, has unlimited immunity, uses violent force, blackmail, bribery and propaganda to manipulate everything including social outcomes, so called elections and economy and tells other countries how to behave only in cases when it does not invade them first to promote peace and freedom without useless blabber.