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Not so divisive

The problem is "public schools". They are, in fact, their own government, levying property taxes and such within their districts. We need to recognize that education is not a right, but a commodity, albeit a valuable one if pupils really learn somthing useful, like math.

This whole issue coulod be resolved forthwith by separating Education and State. De-governmentalize educational institutions immediately! If there is a market for underwater basket weaving, it will be profitable. If there is a market for physics or chemistry or engineering, it will be profitable. Let the market decide.

A bonus to this would be to dispel all the lawsuits and other legal issues surrounding the present system. If you want to have a school that teaches that God made the universe in six days, you can. If you want to have a school that teaches evolution, you can. That is the beauty of the market.

Not only that, but when property taxes are eliminated and parents and charitable organizations must pay for education, you can confidently wager that parents will be substantially more invested in the quality of the education of their children.

I could go on, but I think my points are a good starter. God bless America and God bless Ron Paul and his family and keep them safe and healthy!