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The problem though

is you can't have Christians in your schools and not have religion in your schools - that is without curbing freedom of expression. I don't see any problem with a teacher admitting to his students if he does or doesn't believe in God. It's going to affect the way he teaches anyway. A person's worldview automatically affects his teaching (unless he's teaching math), sometimes unconsciously.

Teachers can lose their jobs for having a Bible on their desks even if they never open it. They can lose their jobs for bowing their head in respect during a prayer on school property, even if the prayer is student-led and participation is voluntary. Stuff like that happening in China would be understandable, but when the right not to be offended by other people's religious beliefs is taken to the insane extremes that it currently exists in this country is just a perfect example of the overreaching arm of our ever-extending authoritarian government.