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I would think

that this alternative option that the people will make the statement on camera should be of course only voluntary - if somebody wants to come out and make the statement it is encouraged because it can have almost a value of an affidavit, but of course the people should not be in any way manipulated into it.
I would think that identification of Ron Paul supporters just by the RP gear is anyway easier and takes less time. The Ron Paul supporters anyway wear Ron Paul gears in public massively so there is not much a point to not do it on the day of the polls because of "privacy concerns".
I would think that in the overspied America if anybody is a Ron Paul supporter the establishment can very well know it anyway. If I would be an American voter I would be proud voting for Ron Paul and say it in public, because he and his supporters look very much like it is them who can save the liberty there and definitely not Romney or even Obama who already has a history of authorizing unprecedented policestate measures.
Also, at least in the caucuses the people must show publicly their support for their candidate and so they win then if sufficiently numerous and a privacy in who they vote for is simply not there.
I would even think that the secretivenes with the election makes it then quite easily defraudable by the corrupt establishment.