Comment: You are brainwashed

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You are brainwashed

You have no problem with a teacher who thinks you and everything else in the world is descendent from a single microscopic organism that magically came to life in a primordial ooze. And you believe this when there is absolutely no shred of evidence to back that fable up. You have been brainwashed.

How you may ask? Take a look at a current example of the brainwashing that goes on by our liberal main stream line of thought that permeates our schools, media and our politics. A poll on MSN as follows.

" Scientist Richard Leakey says scientific discoveries will accelerate to the point that soon 'even the skeptics can accept it.'

What do you think of Leakey's statement?

1. I agree. Evolution is a fact.
2. I disagree. My faith tells me God created life.
3. I do not have an opinion. "

Notice the available answers to this ridiculous question. You are being brainwashed into thinking that you either believe in fact even though there are no "facts" that support evolution or believe by faith alone as if there are no facts to support faith.

This is how you and others are brainwashed into believing a certain way and this is how the debate is steered away from true facts and discernment. Not only with the evolution fallacy but with a whole range of topics that the liberal, socialist, communist types have been pushing for decades on ignorant people who believe everything they are told by the Powers That Be.

Your post is rife with ignorance, contradiction and hate. The fact is that you don't care if a teacher preaches their religion to students. You only care if they are exposed to any religious comments concerning the Bible. As long as it is religious fallacy like humanism, evolution, democracy etc... or apparently in your case "libertarianism" then you are fine with it.

You are a perfect example of what the PTB want in their subjects. Complete and total ignorance.